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Parts of the Perivale were regularly used for filming Doctor Who and feature prominently in "Survival", transmitted originally: 22 November 1989 to 6 December 1989 and was the last story to be transmitted until the 1996 TV movie.

Here are some of the locations that featured in "Survival" but photographed in June 2004 some 15 years after the episode was shot.

Why not compare how they looked then see photographs at Stephen's Doctor Who Locations and also photos at skonnos edited by Mark Campbell

Bleasdale Avenue, Perivale.

The Doctor takes Ace to present day Perivale so that she can revisit old friends
The TARDIS materialises here on a sunny, Sunday afternoon. But Perivale has changed - her friends have vanished
-most of them have been transported to the planet of the Cheetah People, a race with the power to teleport through space.

The house is located in Bleasdale Avenue, on the corner of Colwyn Avenue.

Medway Parade, Perivale.

In the Survival episode, Ace's friend Ange, is collecting for the Hunt Saboteurs on a stall outside here when the Doctor and Ace meet her.

In 1989, this was the shop of Sceptre Insurance Brokers, however in 2004 these 2 end shops are occupied by Prestige Bathrooms.

Colwyn Avenue, Perivale

Later succumbing to the influence of the now-disintegrating Cheetah planet, The master drags the Doctor back there.

The Doctor refuses to fight him, however, and escapes from the Cheetah's planet and ends up back in Perivale in the middle of this road.


Woodhouse Avenue, Perivale

This is where the Doctor lays out a cat-food buffet on the pavement. Ace who is annoyed that the Doctor isn't listening to her storms off into a nearby play area.

Children's Play Area
Ealing Central Sports Ground, Horsenden Lane South, Perivale

Ace sits on the swings, but then is chased by a Cheetah person on horseback. Trying to escape, she climbs over the roundabout, up the stairs of the open top slide, through the slide with the red roof, then inside a silver climbing frame.

The Play Area with swings, roundabout and slide still exists, although it is now fenced in. The silver climbing frame no longer exists.


Horsenden Hill , Perivale

Ace made a telephone call from a phone box near here.

The Horsenden Hill board looks somewhat overgrown and faded today - with an abandoned supermarket trolley!

Horsenden Hill, Perivale.

Here, the Doctor and Midge were involved in a head on motorcycle collision which end up in a tie. The Doctor survives but Midge, battered and burned by the collision, gives up his own life


Survival - The Plot by the BBC Doctor Who Episode Guide

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